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MPI - Maintenance Repainting Manual (E-Version)

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The ultimate reference for painters, contractors and those interested in the upkeep of indoor and outdoor coverings. It describes all coating products and their systems (including wall-coverings), suggests evaluation and assessment methods, goes over how to prepare each surface for repainting, and encourages high painting standards.

The manual contains:

  • Proper surface preparation standards for most circumstances includes information on hand, power, steam, and solvent cleaning; pressure washing; chemical stripping; abrasive blast cleaning; efflorescence removal; mildew treatment; acid etching of concrete, masonry, or aluminum; rust, cedar, smoke and water stain removal; and detergent washing.
  • A narrative and illustrated look (in full color) at nearly 100 Identifiers (28 pages) of paint film failures, wear and tear of coatings, and visual imperfections of coating application. Photos from KTA-Tator Inc, the U.S. Navy, the Paint Quality Institute, and inspectors from the Master Painters & Decorators Association are included.
  • Assessments (with full color photographic examples) of the Degree of Surface Degradation (DSD) of the protective coating film on a variety of substrates -- both interior and exterior. Once the level of deterioration or damage is known, the appropriate surface preparation that is required can follow. The level of deterioration or damage (DSD) also determines the appropriate level of priming required.
  • The majority of systems are designed for "same over same". Where a change of coatings is either required or desired, the section on Transitions must be referenced. These may call for a different level or type of surface preparation (two examples could be either a latex over a high gloss alkyd or a conventional coating over an aliphatic urethane), or it might call for a "tie" or "barrier" coat.
  • 56 - 79 pages respectively, evaluating choices of system options on various exterior / interior surfaces. Includes pros and cons, and information on normal usage.
  • Descriptions of systems for 23 exterior surfaces and 25 interior surfaces for differing qualities.
  • 32 pages describing appropriate surface preparation for the various surfaces.
  • 88 pages of MPI approved product listings from 60 different manufacturers.
  • The APL (Approved Product List) also contains the MPI Gloss Standards, level 1 through 7.
  • Criteria for MPI Product Listing - MPI 'Detailed Performance', MPI 'Evaluated Performance' and 'Intended Use' standards.
  • Full description and other information regarding the MPI new Environmental Notation System, VOC ratings and LEED Designation.
  • An optional Quality Assurance Program (including independent inspection & third party guarantee).
  • A full guide specification for use of architects and/or other professionals using the manual as the 'reference'. Includes cautions and other reference information helpful to property managers/owners.
Industry experts guided by an Advisory Board from across North America wrote the manual. It has evolved from the first such maintenance and repainting guide first published in 1974.

Master Painters & Decorators Association, a not-for-profit industry association, owns the Canadian and U.S. copyrights of this manual and of the companion, MPI Architectural Painting Specification Manual.

The manual is in daily use by architects, engineers, interior designers, specification writers, government agencies, property managers, paint contractors, coating inspectors, paint manufacturers and suppliers.

Manual purchasers, who register with MPI (sent in their registration card), receive no-cost updates and revisions for a period of one year from date of purchase.